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Sandzak 402. Street Race Team, BMW 530D vs. GOLF III VR6Sandzak 402. Street Race Team, BMW 530D vs. GOLF III VR6
J'ai un VR6 de 92, un pote a moi a la 530D mais bon c'est? clair c'est plus puissant contre un VR6 mais faut se dire aussi que le VR6 est bien plus vieux compare au 530D.
8 months ago 19,749 views
BMW 530d vs Mercedes E220 vs Audi A6BMW 530d vs Mercedes E220 vs Audi A6
Joel Pereira, Kabeer Mahajan and Rohan Joshi test-drive and compare the luxurious BMW 530d Highline, Mercedes E220 and Audi A6.
7 months ago 10,059 views
Sirish tests the BMW 530d on OverdriveSirish tests the BMW 530d on Overdrive
Ho? anche questa macchina c'e l'ho pure io oltre a tante altre macchine. Sirish Chandran is out having fun in the new BMW 530d
1 year ago 28,230 views
BMW 530d GTBMW 530d GT new
very nice car. looks very nice, didnt think so at first do
6 months ago 3,962 views
BMW 530d E60 110-260 km/h on german highwayE60 model 110-260 km/h on german highway
normal daca ai M kit pe ea sau AERO cum se zice la? nemti. da ma da Fiat dar? fiatul tau bravo e nimic pe langa un seria 5 eu stiu pentru ca am si eu unul si sunt masini proaste,fiatu in italia e ca loganu la noi.
9 months ago 14,622 views
The New BMW 5 Series Sedan 2010 - 530dThe New 5 Series Sedan 2010 - 530d
Wow, every time I see this car on BMW's website it looks better and better,? now I have decided that my savings are going onto this Beauty!
2 months ago 4,440 views
New BMW 530d 2011 - On Location LisboaNew BMW 530d 2011 On Location Lisboa
ja ja, du grund ist wirklich ungeheuren, wir werden eine? von bester auf welt market......du freude dies? geiles auto schones design
2 months ago 2,083 views
BMW 5 series GT review (530d)The all-new BMW 5 GT, hi res via youbmw blog
its because in south africa they speak a language that is derived from dutch called africans . i live in amsterdam and i have good friend from south africa (at a certain point st? africa was a dutch colony)
4 months ago 33,186 views
Audi A6 3.0 TDi vs BMW 530dAudi A6 3.0 TDi vs BMW 530 HQ video
hey guys, just chill out. As? you can see, he wrote about winter tyres. That means maybe wet, cold temperature, maybe ice or snow. The most important audi is quattro, he does not write about BMW and Xdrive. So 4X4 vs RWD on winter tyres.
4 months ago 13,351 views
BMW 530d New 5-series F10 generation: Exteriour DetailsNew 5-series F10 generation: Exteriour Details
think the E39 was perfect. Then each successive model became worst and worst. The E60 was horrid, but in it's later life cycle it was freshened up and looked sharper, esp in 550 sport trim.
4 months ago 4,507 views
New BMW 5 Series Sedan - BMW 530d Active Cruise ControlNew Series Sedan - Active Cruise Control
I love the m5,it is a power house.I would also give the paint ,a very high ranking.I have remove the paint overspray from thousands of vehicles.Bmw has? some of best paint in the business.I prove this on my youtube site.I have HD videos on epoxy paint overspray removals on m5 -z4 328 coupe suv x3.
4 months ago 8,358 views
Hampshire Police - BMW 530D Touring Roads Policing Unit Traffic Car TurnoutHampshire Police - Touring Roads Policing Unit Traffic
Taken today, I had just gone down at shift change to see the new Jag and a serious incident occured meaning the whole of Traffic turned out, I only caught 3 out of 4 that came out of the station, another 2 I heard in the distance.
1 month ago 539 views
BMW 530d Driving Footage New 5-series F10 generationDriving Footage New 5-series F10 generation
It shall look like a 7 series but being as sporty as a 3 series even though its as big as a 5 series. Its different and kinda difficult xD My dad told me so and he works for? BMW. I hope he let me drive this car when it comes out. Cant wait for it.
4 months ago 5,454 views
BMW 530d vs E36 M3BMW 530d vs E36 M3
If an 330d e46 cant beat 328i e46,we all know 328i e36 beat an 328i e46 because of wheight (one factor),AND? we all know an 330d can beat easy an 530d because of wheight to! With chip, 530d mayby can keep up with 330d.....but no way with M3 e36. BMW 335i wich is turbo and way more powerfull can beat an e36 M3. Look on youtube god d**it!"
1 year ago 9,628 views
Gedis BMW 530d remapped power runGedis BMW 530d remapped power run
Remapped ECU No other engine mods Peak Power: 230.6 BHP at 3550rpm Peak Torque: 590.3 Nm at 2220rpm
1 year ago 35,094 views
Mercedes E270 CDi Tiptronic vs BMW 530d Manual Sniatowo 27.09.2009r (Pyrzyce)Mercedes E270 CDi Tiptronic vs BMW 530d Manual Sniatowo
Mercedes 180KM vs BMW 220KM :)
6 months ago 9,310 views
BMW 530d Gran Turismo Engine World DebutGran Turismo Engine World Debut
The BMW 5 Series Gran Turismo combines elegance, space, comfort and variability in truly unique style.
7 months ago 660 views
Lanos 1.6 Turbo Vs Bmw 530D 231PS 500NmLanos 1.6 Turbo Vs Bmw 530D 231PS 500Nm
Dewoo stock tires 1 passanger. See more on Video.
1 month ago 1,221 views
AC Schnitzer BMW 530d GTAC Schnitzer BMW 530d GT
Outside and inside, though, changes abound: an AC Schnitzer engine cover and hood vents, skirts and spoilers everywhere, new rear silencer and chrome trim, aluminum pedals and footrest, plus AC-branded velours for the floor mats and trunk.
1 month ago 395 views
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