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MotorTrend Television E39 BMW 540i testMotorTrend Television E39 BMW 540i test
This is a short video from 1997 that I have been saving until I had a chance to buy one of these.
1 year ago 44,334 views
1080p: ALPINA B3 3,0 Touring vs BMW 540i E34 6-speed1080p: ALPINA B3 3,0 Touring vs BMW 540i E34
ThePhiltastic that alpina? has some serious power. Great races between classic cars!? The alpina? actually lost.
2 months ago 3,628 views
Supercharged BMW 540i Vs. SRT8 Charger w/ Prdtr tune & CAISupercharged BMW 540i Vs. SRT8 Charger w/ Prdtr tune & CAI
Two friends out racing with very fast cars. Supercharged bmw 540i and a Charger SRT8 w/ Predator ecu tune & CAI. On the second run I had two passengers.
2 years ago 130,591 views
Starts & REVS a 485HP Supercharged BMW 540i by Jimmy540i.comStarts & REVS a 485HP Supercharged
It sounds divine - I just wish I knew how to reprogram the ECU myself because I'd be fitting a supercharger to mine if I did? - it's a 6 speed manual though, so I'd also need to budget for a new clutch every couple of weeks.
1 year ago 14,656 views
CRX SiR Vtec EE8 / EF8 vs BMW 540i V8 (E39)CRX SiR Vtec EE8 / EF8 vs BMW 540i V8 (E39)
All the 3 runs were pulled from 80. First Run: 2 Pers in CR-X. Second and Third Run: Only me in CR-X
9 months ago 6,820 views
BMW 540i 90's Commercial "Canals of New York"90's Commercial "Canals of New York"
Incidentally, the owner of the building at 9 West 57th Street in New York City sued BMW and Fallon McElligott (the ad agency) for infringing on the trademarked metal sculpture of the number "9" outside their building with the ad's use of a number "5" sculpture.
2 years ago 23,010 views
BMW 535d e60 bi-turbo vs BMW 540i E39 M6 LSDBMW 535d e60 bi-turbo vs BMW 540i E39 M6 LSD
you can't get horsepower from a Common-Rail Diesel with twists and turns, i had my E60 530d reflashed to 320hp and about 700nm ! On a FACTORY engine, without much stress to the internals ! 535d is capable of much more, the engine is the same,? both have 3.0 liter Common Rail diesel engines, but the 535d has a better turbo-setup, I'd say 360-380hp should be easy with a 535d!
7 months ago 22,975 views
BMW 540i Touring M-Sport Automatic Trunk540i Touring M-Sport Automatic Trunk
Automatisch openen / sluiten kofferdeksel BMW 540i Touring met M sportpakket (E39 / 2003). Auto Bootlid Operation BMW 540i Touring with M sports package (E39 / 2003).
2 years ago 14,645 views
BMW 540i Magnaflow 14816 after 500mlsMagnaflow 14816 after 500mls
New Vid from my BMW 540i with magnaflow 14816, 200cpi high flow cats and a modded stock muffler. Also a small compare with a BMW 540i with a KBR exhaust.
1 year ago 16,293 views
1995 e34 BMW 540i 6-speed running Open Headers1995 e34 BMW 540i 6-speed running Open Headers
List of Modifications: S3.64 M5 Differential. Electric Fan. VAC Pulleys. 19lb Bosch Design III Injectors. Adjustable Fuel Pressure Regulator. Amsoil Conical Air Filter in Stock Air Box. Wokke Performance Chip. Bavauto High Performance Ignition Coils.
1 year ago 30,603 views
BMW Dinan 5 540i walkaround - Cold StartupBMW Dinan 5 540i walkaround - Cold Startup
Magnaflow 18815 muffler - Resonator Delete - Dinan Cold Air Intake (CAI) - Dinan Mass Air Flow Meter (MAF) - Dinan Throttle Body (TB) - Pre-VANOS intake manifold (identical to Dinan's) - Dinan Stage 5 S/W.
1 year ago 6,951 views
BMW 540i vs Acura CL-SBMW 540i vs Acura CL-S
Stock 2001 BMW 540I vs Stock 2003 Acura CL-TypeS, both are 6speed manual, vancouver lake
1 year ago 15,690 views
BMW 540i on Dyno with Resonator and Silencer RemovedDyno with Resonator and Silencer Removed
267.0 hp @ 5750 RPM. 264.4 ft/lb torque @ 4750 RPM. Vehicle: 1997 BMW 540i 6 speed. Modifications from stock: Resonator and Silencer removeed. Royal Purple ATF transmission fluid. Electric Fan conversion. CDV Removed. M3 short shift lever.
1 year ago 6,386 views
BMW 540i e39 Dinan and M5 e39e39 Dinan and M5 e39 high quality video
My BMW e39 1999 540i with Dinan exhaust, cold air intake, and stage 2 software, and e39 2000 M5 Stock
6 months ago 1,535 views
Drag Racing BMW 540i vs Chevorlet CorvetteDrag Racing BMW 540i vs Chevorlet Corvette
bmw would win in a track race. drag strip? is corvettes win. it has bigger engine but bmw delivers more torque wich would bring it home in a track.
3 years ago 16,446 views
BMW 540i vs Audi a8 4.0 TDIBMW 540i vs Audi a8 4.0 TDI
Audi A8 4.2 FSI Quattro power! Stehts sicher.Der Phaeton gilt als sicheres Fahrzeug.Und wenn? 1.Ich habe selbst kein Auto 2.Ein Golf 1 ist ein Sammlerstuck und 3.Du hast noch keinen Mercedes und darfst nur mal in die Haube und unten drunter schauen.?
8 months ago 39,302 views
2003 BMW 540i ///M Sport Package 4.4 V8 20'' Rims2003 BMW 540i ///M Sport Package 4.4 V8 20'' Rims
I have the same exact 2003 ///M 540i but mine is all original. That car on the vid looks kinda bad. The tail lights look like a teenager bought them and just threw them on. but ehh the rest is ok. But if you do that kind of stuff to your car like? that, it will lower in price. Original will be a little more expensive.
1 year ago 7,226 views
1998 BMW 540i 6-Speed Manual Transmission **LOADED** Stock # ...1998 BMW 540i 6-Speed Manual Transmission
Is the in-dash navi only in the 6 Speed? I am getting the same exact one tonight, onl the 5 sp Automatic... Same everything else? though including specs, but there is no navi... Same wood grain, 6 disc etc. J.w.
6 months ago 1,074 views
BMW 540i Burnout and Tragic EndingBumer 540i Burnout and Tragic Ending
Smoking down the tire before changing to the new ones. Had a tragic ending though. Bent control arm, wheel and some other parts.
1 month ago 126 views
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