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BMW 535d e60 bi-turbo vs BMW 540i E39 M6 LSDBMW 535d e60 bi-turbo vs BMW 540i E39 M6 LSD
This 540i bimmer is mine. why should i lie? i lost because the strange 4th gear delay. btw my car stock weight (is 1880kg) and default is 1730kg.. i have protected glasses, sound? system etc:) But well it was worth a try, 535D won!
7 months ago 23,169 views
1080p: BMW M5 E39 Headers, cats, exhaust ECU vs BMW 535d ECU ...BMW M5 E39 Headers, cats, exhaust ECU vs BMW 535d ECU (360 HP)
that diesel is amazing. first of all there torque monsters. and 360? hp!! out of a diesel! and dont forget the mileage u get out of it.
2 months ago 10,528 views
BMW 535d M Sport DieselBMW 535d M Sport Diesel
It's not? straight 6 but a V6 with two turbo's. One small turbo that is always on and a big one that start on 1800 RPM. And it have the same motor as 530d just with one small turbo aded.
2 years ago 74,041 views
DAMAGED BMW 535D FOR BREAKINGdamaged BMW 535D for breaking
there is a movie on m5board where a 535d chipped to 340 or so hp keeps up with an e60 m5 till 4th gear. so what did you do with this poor car i hope you did not crush it my be there is good parts on it the motor still runs good.
1 year ago 44,839 views
BMW 535d with SMG steering wheelBMW 535d with SMG steering wheel
it's just a normal automatic gearbox fitted with a m5 steering wheel, look how slow the changing is... I had my 535d fitted with an SMG wheel last winter. Way overdue, but here's the first vid of the first 535d with shiftpaddles!
9 months ago 5,259 views
Test drive - BMW 535d, driving, acceleration, Brno Airport circuit
1 year ago 43,780 views
My Clean Diesel Experience - George Rode drives the BMW 535dMy Clean Diesel Experience - George Rode
It is a Clean Diesel vehicle and European model which is not available in the US at the moment. The Clean Diesel belongs to the Bosch Diesel Systems promotional fleet.
1 year ago 4,199 views
HD: BMW 535d ECU 350 HP vs BMW M3 Coupe E46 SMGIIHD: BMW 535d ECU 350 HP vs BMW M3 Coupe E46 SMGII
I like the way the guy in the 535d laughs? when he passes the M3 - Wow... nice for a 3.0 Bi-Turbo Diesel :o sounds great -? i felt something like a cold during watching this vid... really nice!
6 months ago 71,062 views
Single And Multi CD Player, Soft Close Motorized Tailgate, 6 Speed Auto Sport Tiptronic Gearbox, Unmarked 18" M Double Spoke Alloys, M Sports Suspension, Auto Climate Control With Air Conditioning, M Leather Multi Function Steering Wheel
1 month ago 354 views
BMW 535d HUD vs Porsche 4SBMW 535d HUD vs Porsche 4S
20 year old 911 is faster than a 535d, anyway for a diesel the 535d is very fast.
1 year ago 11,713 views
BMW 535D Chiptuning Dyno TestingBMW 535D Chiptuning Dyno Testing
Bmw 535D 272 PS. Stock car: 260 BHP/559 Nm ECU mod: 299 BHP/680 Nm Camp Performance. Czech republic.
1 year ago 6,361 views
BMW 535D M SPORT Offered For Sale @ Performance Direct BristolBMW 535D black M SPORT Offered For 1st Sale
M-POWER BABY! Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror, Full Closure Alarm System, Full M Tec Sports Body Kit Including M Rear Boot Spoiler, Clear Lens Pack, High Gloss Shadow Line.
5 months ago 1,191 views
BMW 535d - Vmax 260km/h in HD Vmax 260km/h in HD quality video
BMW 535d with M-Paket - 286 PS on the German Highway with fullspeed 260km/h in High definition
6 months ago 1,960 views
Taking a BMW 535d to 240 kph on German AutobahnTaking a BMW 535d to 240 kph on German Autobahn
The first BMW-Welt Autoabholer ever takes his rental car to 240 kph on the A95 Munchen-Garmisch
2 years ago 20,729 views
BMW 535d vs 545i Sports car ReviewBMW 535d vs 545i Sports car Review
This car has a powerbox. I have 371hp and 718nm.... I know because this is a vid? of my car.
4 months ago 1,205 views
BMW 535d E61 Snow FunBMW 535d E61 Snow Fun
Fun with my 535d FL in the snow on a runway near Berlin, Germany.
1 year ago 5,889 views
2004 '54' BMW 535d Sport ***SOLD***2004 '54' BMW 535d Sport SOLD
77000 miles. FSH. Silver metallic. Black leather. 18" alloys. Xenon headlights. Sat nav. For full details please visit our website youbmw.
1 month ago 186 views
BMW 535D Xdrive vs VW Beetle TDi, HD - dieselpower.czBMW 535D Xdrive vs VW Beetle TDi, HD
HD - - Mimonske valky 15 8/2009 short video
7 months ago 1,519 views
FASTTECH TUNING: BMW 535D 54Pk & 98Nm EXTRAFasttech tuning: BMW 535D 54Pk & 98Nm EXTRA
have you got only increase the quantity of Diesel or you have change the Pressure of? Rail ? many horsepower have to be original?
9 months ago 1,434 views
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