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Euro-Clash: Mercedes E550 Sport vs. BMW 550i Sport vs. Jaguar ...Euro-Clash: Mercedes E550 Sport vs. 550i Sport vs. Jaguar
We've gathered three such vehicles for this comparison: the 2009 BMW 550i, 2010 Jaguar XF Premium and 2010 Mercedes-Benz E550 Sport.
10 months ago 304,463 views
BMW 550i Sport--Chicago Cars Direct HDBMW 550i Sport--Chicago Cars Direct HD
Detailed test drive and evaluation of a 2006 BMW 550i Sport with Chris from Chicago Cars DIrect.
8 months ago 9,996 views
Can Jag Beat BMW? Jaguar XF vs BMW 550i @ the TrackCan Jag Beat BMW Jaguar XF vs BMW 550i - the Track
We brought back a 2009 BMW 550i to see how the new Jag stacks up when it's not getting help from a supercharger. Given that the BMW is giving up 25 hp and 20 lb-ft of torque, we expected a close contest - and got one.
11 months ago 75,518 views
BMW 5 Series Video Review - Kelley Blue Book5 Series Video Review - Kelley Blue Book
The softer Mercedes-Benz E-Class and Audi A6 are still sportier than ever, while the Infiniti M offers stiff competition at a bargain price. The BMW 5 Series lineup includes an offering for every taste, with sedan and wagon body styles, six-cylinder and V8 power and rear- or all-wheel drive.
1 year ago 69,492 views
2006 BMW 550i For Sale2006 BMW 550i For Sale
A video review of our 2006 BMW 550i sport sedan equipped with the M-Sport package and Ultra Luxury package, Navigation and more. 1-Owner, CarProof certified all maintenance and service performed at the original BMW dealership. This auto is for sale!
11 months ago 15,367 views
BMW Freakish or Fabulous? BMW 550i Gran Turismo Road Test VideoFreakish or Fabulous? Gran Turismo Road Test
Oh, you haven't heard? The 5 Series wagon is gone for 2011. Only 878 Americans bought one in 2009 (yeah, nice going, you guys), and the most BMW ever sold was 2,351 back in 2005.
2 months ago 22,313 views
BMW 5-Series Gran TurismoBMW 5-Series Gran Turismo HQ video
The first video of the new variant of the 5-series range
10 months ago 344,044 views
Chicago Cars Direct--BMW 550i SportChicago Cars Direct -BMW 550i Sport
Detailed test drive and walkaround of a 2007 BMW 550i Sport with Chris from Chicago Cars Direct.
1 year ago 6,646 views
Jaguar v Germany Dust-up: XF v BMW 550i v MB E550 v ...Jaguar v Germany Dust-up: XF v BMW 550i v MB E550
So this meeting of the 2008 Audi A6 4.2, 2008 BMW 550i, 2009 Jaguar XF Supercharged and 2008 Mercedes-Benz E550 might represent the end of an era. V8-powered midsize luxury sport sedan!
1 year ago 122,060 views
On The Road 2010 BMW 550i GT, Progressive Activity Sedan. Buy or Lease ...On The Road 2010 GT, Progressive Activity Sedan.
BMW introduced the new 5 Series Gran Turismo, Progressive Activity Sedan, in Palisades, NY. as part of BMW's first 1 Day University.
5 months ago 9,301 views
2006 BMW 550i Silver A23362006 BMW 550i Silver A2336
Powerhouse of sport agility and beautiful luxury features that are virtually unparalleled in the car market. Now you can own this exiciting car with your very own Silver Gray Metallic 2006 BMW 550i with Navigation, Premium Package, parking sensors, and heated seats.
9 months ago 1,218 views
2006 BMW 550i 550 Burnout Smokeout Tire2006 BMW 550i 550 Burnout Smokeout Tire Video
Here's our attempt at burning out with a 2006 BMW 550i with after market 20" wheels. Just got the tires. Might need some new ones soon since we've been doing this all weekend with the car! :) Love this car but wonder how much more fun it would be with the M5!
1 year ago 87,217 views
The new 2010 BMW 5 Series Sedan: Road performanceThe new 2010 BMW 5 Series Sedan: Road performance
you can exploit 300 kW (407 hp) or simply enjoy an impressive 600 Nm as of 1,750 rpm. So what is the secret of the effortless short bursts? the piezo injectors pump fuel into the combustion chambers at 200 bar with 400 Nm of pure power being delivered to the crankshaft.
2 months ago 810 views
BMW 550i | Mercedes E550 | Lexus GS460 | Jaguar XF - Part 1Mercedes E550 | Lexus GS460 | Jaguar XF
Private Reserve Cabs: Luxury Sport Sedan Comparison. By Ron Kiino, Motor Trend.
1 year ago 30,526 views
BMW 550i accelerating with a Cayenne Turbo S !BMW 550i accelerating with a Cayenne Turbo S !
The 550i doing some accelerations on the autobahn with a Porsche Cayenne Turbo S.
1 year ago 35,088 views
Sprint booster Installation on a BMW 550i AutomaticSprint booster Installation Automatic
This is a video of a generic Sprin Booster install for a BMW 550i Automatic, the sprint boosters are available for many other BMWs and installation should be relatively simillar. Use guineline with care and at your own risk!
7 months ago 1,456 views
BMW 550i Stock Exhaust vs RPI 550i GT ExhaustStock Exhaust vs RPI 550i GT Exhaust
Short video comparing my new RPI exhaust with the stock exhaust.
6 months ago 2,707 views
2008 BMW 550i in Brentwood St. Louis, MO 631442008 BMW 550i in Brentwood St. Louis, MO 6314
Gallery Motor Company is a full service dealer with everything you would expect in a highline dealership - WITHOUT the high franchise costs. We have a complete reconditioning and service center. Our newly renovated 25,000 sq ft facility is climate-controlled, allowing protection from inclement weather and comfortable viewing.
1 month ago 41 views
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